Roof repairs

Roof repairs

Call now 01256242911 Locktight Building & Roofing Basingstoke has a few years of experience already in roofing and building. We do all type of repairs on roofs as replacing damaged tiles, repairs on guttering and also we detect leaks. Call roofing company Basingstoke for a quote.

Roof inspections

Roof inspections

Call now 01256242911 If you are a home buyer, insurance oss adjuster, building society or estate agent request a roof inspection. We can find everything from a blocked drain on top of your flat roof to the need of replacing the whole roof. Contact roofing company Basingstoke for your roof inspection.

Storm damage roof repairs

Storm damage roof repairs

Call now 01256242911 Heavy rains and strong winds, also scorching sun and intensive snowfall - it all gives a beating to your roof. All of these weather events cause leaks and create damage to your roof. Call roofing company Basingstoke when you want your roof to be repaired after storm.

Skylight installations

Skylight installations

Call now 01256242911 To ensure the long-term performance of your roof windows, the skylight installation is very important. Every building's needs differ either it is flat roof skylights or any other type of roof skylights. If you are interested in skylight installations, contact us.

Roofing company Basingstoke

Roofing services, roof repairs, cleaning, moss removal, tiles, ridge tiles, flashing, cladding, extensions, slate roof repairs, guttering, battens, membranes, much more.

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Do I need a new roof? If the answer is yes, Roofing company Basingstoke is here to help

Tiles on a roof need fixing with Roofing Company Basingstoke

You may need a new roof if you have noticed any of the following signs of irreversible roof damage;

including damp patches ,leaking water, mould growth, sagging of the roof, debris and other materials in your gutters ,falling water or signs of rot.

It is important to change a roof when necessary as not having a solid roof risks the structural integrity of your home.

By not replacing a roof you could end up with an unsafe property thereby risking damage, injury and huge costs. If you are unsure if a new roof is necessary, Roofers Basingstoke can conduct roof services to analyse any weak spots or vulnerabilities.

Roofing Company Basingstoke Can Fix that Leak in No Time

Finding a leak in your home, one that marks your walls and causes damp spots throughout your home can be stressful. Roofing company Basingstoke can be on hand to fix any hole they find in your roof as soon as possible. They have a large team of qualified roofers who can arrange a time that is convenient for you and your family to fix any damage. The friendly team will take the stress out of any roof problem and make sure that any holes are fixed in a timely and efficient manner. Roofing company Basingstoke is a productive and expert team that make full assessments of your roof whether it is residential or commercial.

Roofing company Basingstoke can fix any leaks you find in any style roof

Roofing company Basingstoke will make sure that they offer you the right information in regards to your repair and give you a breakdown of the costs involved. As a local company to the Basingstoke area, the team are very knowledgeable about different structures and can offer a no-obligation quote over the phone and can confirm this once the roof has been assessed. Roofing company Basingstoke understand how inconvenient a leak can be and therefore communicate with you throughout the process so that you are aware of any issues that occur and when your roof will be fixed.

Roofing company Basingstoke are respectful and friendly in their approach to every roof repair and can offer peace of mind and answer any questions you may have about the job. Every member of the team is fully qualified and understand the stress and disruption that can be caused by having builders on your roof. We aim to reassure you and provide the best tools and teamwork for each and every roof job.  With 15 years, roofing company Basingstoke is the right team for any repairs or installations. We’re always happy to help.

Consider Roofing Company Basingstoke for Loft Conversions

Roofing company Basingstoke is a roofing company like no other in the way that it can repair and install anything related to your roof. What the company is known for across the Basingstoke area is it efficient and beautifully installed loft conversions. The team work extremely hard to make sure the end result is exactly how the client imagined it. Roofing company Basingstoke will guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the end-product. They really enjoy making sure the spec is exactly what every customer wants and prefers and offers a wide range of choices when it comes to materials and resources.

Roofing company Basingstoke count assess your property and your attic space so that they can draw up plans straight away to convert any space people into another room in your home. The team is highly qualified and can adapt to any style of conversion. They pay close attention to detail at all times so that the loft conversion is completed at the highest quality. Roofing company Basingstoke is your number one team for any or roof installation.

Roofing company Basingstoke can create a great space in your loft regardless of the size

A loft conversion can work wonders for your home not only producing a new room for a new member of the family for example but also adding value to your property. Roofing company Basingstoke understand how important it is to have the right space in your family home and it can be a lot cheaper than moving house especially when you are happy in the area or in that particular house. You can be guaranteed that your loft will be transformed into the space that you have imagined whether it is for a new bedroom, a gym, or an office space, roofing company Basingstoke is the team for the job. Don’t hesitate to call us today for a no-obligation quote and we will be happy to assist you.

Always Call Roofing Company Basingstoke for all Those Odd Roof Jobs

Sometimes, it is the small little jobs that build up in relation to your roof that can all of a sudden appear overwhelming. Roofing company Basingstoke is here for you no matter what kind of service you require. We can offer tile cleaning, gutter clearance or full roof installation if this is required. However, don’t hesitate to call us if it is just minor, odd jobs that you need doing. Our team is always happy to come out to you and fix any small issues you may have on your roof. Roofing company Basingstoke can unblock your chimney or remove the moss from your tiles or just provide a general maintenance check. Whatever you require we are here.

Roofing company Basingstoke can provide inspections and fulfil any odd jobs

Roofing company Basingstoke has worked in the area for over 20-years have got to know many residents and their roofing needs. We offer a service that means whatever the issue in relation to your roof, the team is always on hand to cater to your needs. With all our expertise and experience, we have come to realise that peace of mind is the most important thing when it comes to your roof. For any leaks is something roofing company Basingstoke promotes as prevention is cheaper than the cure. The last thing you want to discover in the middle of winter is a hole in your roof.

There is no job too small or too big that roofing company Basingstoke cannot help you with. The team regularly go out to clients’ houses for checks and conversations about their roofs so that their structures are maintained and last without damage. The training and knowledge that roofing company Basingstoke has means that we can always provide the most relevant information in relation to your home and its roof anytime. Feel free to call today for a discussion about any odd jobs that need doing on your roof.

Your Peace of Mind is Important to Roofing Company Basingstoke

As a dependable and trustworthy roofing company, Roofing company Basingstoke maintains this reputation by remaining open and honest about the work they carry out at all times. They think that these things are essential for a roofing company. There is always so much to learn within the trade and all the company’s roofers attend training regularly not just about the trade but also in relation to customer service to maintain their reputation. No two jobs are the same even if the fundamentals of roof repair and installation are. The team remain open and conscientious at all times. It is these things that have allowed roofing company Basingstoke to grow exponentially over the last 12 years.

Roofing company Basingstoke can install skylights anywhere on your roof

These traits have meant that their customers trust them and recommend their work to others. Not only are the builders employed under roofing company Basingstoke talented in what they do, extremely friendly and down-to-earth. There is very little that the roofers can carry out and they are very happy to talk through everything that will occur on each job with every customer. They believe this is essential before starting any work because the customers peace of mind gives peace of mind to the builders. Roofing company Basingstoke always enjoy the interaction they have with their customers and it helps them further integrate into their local communities becoming well-known and respected.

Add local Traders this is a fundamental part of their company. Roofing company Basingstoke never take their customer base for granted and always go above and beyond when it is needed. It is not just about profit it is about maintaining a solid foundation within the community and always supporting them. No I in team and this is especially true with Roofing company Basingstoke where the roofers work proactively and productively as a team. This allows them to to be more efficient and communicative when on a job.

Roofing Company Basingstoke has the Right Team for the Job

It is no secret that Roofing company Basingstoke has a reputation from being the best roofing team around. The team is known for being extremely efficient and friendly and work together in a way that means that no detail is missed. We think this is very important when it comes to any roof that job because it saves time, precious time that customers don’t always have in catering for builders on their roofs. Roofing company Basingstoke, therefore, make the number one priority to be very conscientious as possible so that the work lasts and unnecessary problems do not arise.

Roofing Company Basingstoke specialised chimney services

Our team is made up of a mixture of roofers you have lots of different areas of expertise and means there is no job that Roofing company Basingstoke cannot do. They can do gutter clearances and moss remover with their eyes closed although this is never recommended being on the roof an’ all! Larger and more complex work that needs to be done on your roof such as the whole roof replacement is done effectively and professionally with roofing company Basingstoke. There is no need to second guess experience and customer service because our reputation and feedback speak for themselves.

We make sure your property is watertight and fully maintained if you require it and we can recommend lots of different ways to keep your roof healthy. Roofing company Basingstoke can be easily found online and we can come up to you as soon as you needed. We get the job done fast and we always open for any questions you have and never keep you waiting. Roofing company Basingstoke is fully communicative and transparent in the way they deal with their clients and this just means the process becomes a lot easier and we can help more people. We are here for you!

Great Customer Service is our goal at Roofing Company Basingstoke

As a family-based roofing company, roofing company Basingstoke has a strong reputation for great customer service. We have always had a good relationship with our local customers in the Basingstoke area and we strive to improve in all areas of customer service. Roofers on your roof is not always a pleasant experience. Roofers Basingstoke are aware of this and make sure we fix your roof at a time convenient to you you and try to be less noisy in the mornings and evenings. We do not whatever ignore customers or local neighbour complaints because we understand that we are all living in the same community.

Our local roofing company Basingstoke is constantly discussing any new issues once we are on your roof and we never carry out work that will cost more without our customers’ permission. We have a proven track record of being a quality but customer focus service we want to keep this reputation intact. At roofing company Basingstoke, we are aware of the stress and worry having a roof replacement is, especially in the winter months. However, view rain or shine in summer and winter because we know that roofs don’t adhere to the seasons.

Roofing Company Basingstoke is local and family run
So if you are unsure of a roofing company to choose we recommend roofing company Basingstoke because we know how to treat our customers and offer a top roofing service. We think that today is hard to find a roofing company that you can trust and the internet is full of choice and can be confusing. We, therefore, recommend that you choose your local company and rely on local customer reviews to make your choice easier. Roofing company Basingstoke is a great family roofing company and you will not be disappointed with the work that we do. We are number one!

Plan ahead your roof installation

So you’ve decided to install a new roof . It is actually very important to decide when to have this new roof installed . While Roofers Basingstoke do offer roof insulation or restoration services throughout the year, there are better times to conduct such services as it is best to avoid freezing temperatures or wind and rain.

This is because if it is raining or snowing you increase the chances of water damage and leaking during the project. Waiting for the best season to install the roof can extend the roof’s lifespan, therefore we suggest contacting Roofing company Basingstoke to plan ahead when exactly you want the roof installation conducted.

Roofing company Basingstoke tend to carry out their work in the summer and autumn. This is because the weather is a lot calmer and, therefore, it is easier to complete roof repair jobs. A dry roof means a much simpler job for our roofers. We do not, however, increase our prices during this time as other companies do. We always aim to keep our prices as low as possible and offer a friendly and warm service. Roofers Basingstoke also offer a free quote for any repairs big or small.

Have a bigger roof with Roofing Company Basingstoke

We also know that is it difficult to find a trustworthy Basingstoke roofing company to suit your needs and offer technical skills and good customer service. Roofing Company Basingstoke have all heard the horror stories of unreliable roofers and botched jobs that create more stress than the initial issue.

Roofers of Basingstoke understand the importance of offering a dependable service that you can trust. Your roof is safe in our hands. Our roofers are fully trained in all areas of roofing from the tiles and materials to the tools used. They are also fully trained in various methods and tools. They are also able to advise on planning permission if this is required.

This may be because you want a bigger roof or perhaps the local area has only one aesthetic allowed. All these points can hinder your choice of tile or material so it is a good thing to know in advance. This is also the case if you are thinking about solar roofing and any special feature on your roof.

Always on hand

Roofers of Basingstoke are aware that plans change and not every job is straightforward. We are always on hand to offer support on guidance if anything needs to change mid-job. Do not worry. You can relax. Roofing Company Basingstoke are not your average roofers, we are super roofers of Basingstoke!

Roofing company Basingstoke is available all year all day round. In order to help you with whatever your new roof needs.
With over 20 years in this industry and many many roof installations successfully completed, we can guarantee an exceptional roof with minimal disruption for you.

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