Don’t be left in the cold by roof problems this Winter, contact us now!

With winter on the way, it is very important that you stay up-to-date roof technologies that could allow your house to be more protected during the cold winter months. That’s where we come in handy.

If your roof is not adequately clad in thermal protection your heating bill could actually increase, therefore save yourself money by contacting us to use our services for roof protection and insulation. 

It is very important that you thoroughly inspect your roof for damage and get it fixed. It is likely that you have not inspected it for a long time, so have a look for things like loose or missing shingles, or areas that could let in water.

If there are vulnerabilities Roofing Company Basingstoke can conduct a roof service, and no matter what the problem is we will be able to deal with it .

Insulating your attic is also a very good idea. The attic is usually the room that separates your house from the ice and snow accumulated during winter so properly insulating the attic and  areas of the ceilings can make your house a lot warmer. Once again our roofers are able to perform this service.

A roof in Winter, Roofing Company Basingstoke are able to clear snow ice and frost from gutters

Winter roof

Our roofing workforce are able to install various things to further protect the outside of your roof from damage from bad weather. A snow guard can be a very good idea , as this can help snow and ice collect into one place until it changes into water.

This prevents sliding slow snow from causing injuries to family members, and also damage to shingles. Investing in such precautionary measures will save you money and potentially from injury. Roofers are also able to install gutter guards guards which cover your rain gutters so that debris does not collect inside of them.

We will clean your gutters first to make sure that they are as good as new and then install the guard to keep ice and frost out of them. Keep your home cosy this winter and call our Roofers today to find out more.

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